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Stone Patio

Create your perfect patio area

Give your family and friends a reason to go outside and enjoy each other's company! A new patio or porch provides the perfect gathering area for all occasions.

Tell us what your dream patio area looks like and we'll bring your vision to life! We will use multiple finishes and materials to create a unique entertaining space. We will even add walls and planters to customize the space to your specifications.

Add dimension to

your walkway

An exposed aggregate finish on your walkway, driveway, or patio can add the extra dimension needed to make the area stand out. This look includes brick borders being laid linearly or perpendicular to the paved area.

Create a unique outdoor living space for your home

Complete you outdoor living space with a brand new paved area.

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Wrights Concrete offers group and builder discounts for large masonry and concrete projects. Call us today for a custom design!


Stone patio with wooden steps